Have a middle or High School student who needs a few tips to move forward?

About Mr. A



Tip for today:  Percent Made Easy.

What :: X  Is :: =  Of :: ( )

Example: What is a 20% tip for $60 check?

X = .20 (60)

What is your total if you pay a 6% tax and a 20% tip on $60?

X = 1.26 ($60)

What is the total if you wish to pay the tip after tax?

X = (60) (1.06) (1.20) 

Now, how about product pricing?

Assume a merchant buys a product for $70; marks sit up 60%; then offers a 30% discount for Christmas? 

1.. The Sale price is ($70) (1.60) (.70) 

Think about it !! :)

Mr. A's Background and Expertise

Being a slow reader,  did not hurt him in math class because reading slowly, he could "think between the lines" as he read a math problem. Because of his math skills and his natural people skill, Mr. A was hird at 18 as the industrial engineer in training, with responsibility for all the piece-work salaries for a small lingerie company in his home town. Later during 4 years of college, while earning a BS in Math and Physics, he worked full time for the Marshal Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Leaving NASA for th computer industry in 1965, he developed operating systems and managed software development teams.  In 1975 he founded his own computer systems company, led it to one of the top providers of turnkey systems for health care automation, and sold it in 1985. In 2003, Mr. A left the computer industry and began teaching math in middle and high schools in Florida and Mississippi. Today, at 81, he teaches and tutors for fun and donates most of his salary. Mr. A challenges his students to think beyond he obvious and perform above expections. His style of teaching is that of Escalante in the movie: Stand and Deliver. He believes students can perform beyond current expectations - if they have desire! 


Personalized Lessons

One-on-one or small groups, Mr. A teaches simplification for complex processes. He believes that students need to transition from Elementary Math to Algbraic  thinking before 8th grade. 


For tutoring or parental counseling,

Mr. A can be reached at (601) 325-3811. 

HAttiesburg, MS

Mr. A Says: Seventh grade is a good time to make the transition from Elementary Math to Algebraic thinking.